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The Basics

Of the innumerable dangers and fears of the cosmos he has a buffer and in turn he is the bulwark.

Welcome to cosmicdash.com, home of the webcomic Cosmic Dash. This page will serve as a crash-course, introducing you to everything you need to know about the comic before you dive into the archive.

Cosmic Dash is a science fiction webcomic. If you are a fan of Star Wars, Star Trek, Firefly, and Futurama, you’ll enjoy Cosmic Dash. The comic combines action, adventure, comedy, and even fantasy as it explores a fully-realized fictional galaxy.

The episodes tend to follow the crew of The Lucky Strike, an independent cargo-ship that travels between the territories of the Federation, Blassnaught Empire, and beyond, all within the Silver Spiral Galaxy. The crew gets swept up into trouble and adventure quite often. Between episodes there are also mini-comics, strips, and guest comics. These break up the stories a bit, but also help explore the larger universe, and sometimes focus on characters outside of the crew of The Lucky Strike. The site also features an archive of short stories with contributions by outside creators as well! The comic is currently on season one, and there is a complete breakdown of the first season at the storyline guide. Seasons are collected into print volumes, and individual issues are available in printed format as well.

The comic is rated pg13 due to scenes depicting substances, strong language, violence, and sci-fi action.

Some pages of note on the site to explore include:

The About Page
Support Page
The extended Character Guide
Series Timeline
Galactic Maps

Cosmic Dash also has a very active tumblr where art excerpts and in-process items are posted, so feel free to check those out as well! Most importantly, enjoy the comic and feel free to leave feedback on any page, as this comic is nothing without its readers!

Crew of the Lucky Strike

The crew of the Lucky Strike, a cargo-ship that was a former war relic.

Species: Terrekin

Dashen Razaal Kameku is the Lucky Strike‘s engineer. He works to keep the ship running despite its classification as a war-era antique.

He is extremely protective of his friends, and is generally well meaning with everyone. He is prone to distraction, however, and has dealt with being a target of bounty hunters as a child due to the reputation of his vigilante father, Razaar.

Dash is particularly interested in technology. He prefers to fight with a traditional terrekin staff. He has formed a very strong bond with Blu, the mysterious stowaway robot found on the ship.

First Appearance

Species: Terrekin

Mara Aluia Senten is the captain of the Lucky Strike. She is a gifted strategist with a very competitive personality.

She is a very hardworking person who trained in martial arts alongside Dash during childhood. While he has let his discipline falter, she has not and has studied aggressive, powerful combat styles. She sometimes worries she is too serious when it comes to her job.

She is particularly interested in military history and at one point tested into the Federation Military Academy with excellent scores, but opted not to enroll. She has a weakness for sweets.

First Appearance

Species: Parrack

Senn “Kracker” Toucair is the pilot of the Lucky Strike. He is extremely talented with piloting vehicles of all sorts, making up for his inability to fly with his wings that was the result of a childhood injury.

Kracker is a fan of food, drinks, and jokes. He has a rather frequent strain of bad luck, however, often complicating situations. He is easily distracted as well. He is Dash’s best friend from Gnarlruut Academy, and has bonded quite quickly with young Dorian.

His secret desire is to become a Zero-G racer. He is extremely flirtatious with other species, but among his own kind he is considered to be a lesser male because of his inability to fly with his wings.

First Appearance

Species: Astro-Mole

Bernell Marken is the founder of the Lucky Strike Delivery Company and manager. However, he typically prefers to spend his time as the ship’s cook.

Marken established the business with his inheritance after the tragic death of his parents in a space-faring accident. The choice of business was to honor their wishes, but he is more passionate about food, opting to spend as much time in the kitchen as he can, and only accepting a wage fitting in with the rest of his crew.

Marken is well respected by everyone on the ship and is treated almost as fatherly, despite his being only a few years older that most of the crew. He is fairly naive at times and does not enjoy running the delivery company.

First Appearance

Species: Grey

Dorian D’Lazmuh is the Lucky Strike‘s medic, opting, for some reason, to do his medical internship aboard a cargo-ship.

Dorian is unlike most grey who are mostly seen as cold and aloof as he tends to wear his emotions on his sleeve. The birth circumstance of he and his siblings, Angn and Fellian, are likely the reason for this.

He is an extremely talented medic, but frequently finds himself bored. He is more or less the youngest member of the crew and can be seen as the baby of the group. Mara is particularly protective of him.

First Appearance

Species: Wot

Guugel serves as the security guard to the ship and is a crack-shot with just about any ranged weapon he comes into contact with.

Guugel is a mysterious figure on-board the ship who arrived with Dash and Kracker when they joined. Guugel does not speak, but is very expressive. Unusually, Dash seems capable of carrying full conversations with him, and nobody is quite sure how.

Guugel does not consume food like most of the crew, but seems to absorb light and moisture. During dinner he tends to have a small bowl of water he hips his fingers into.

First Appearance

Species: Artifici

BLU is a mysterious robot who was living on the Lucky Strike when Marken bought it, and has continued to remain on it throughout the crew’s travels. He is considered part of the crew.

BLU is completely silent, but extremely expressive, more so than most artifici. BLU opts to live within the ducts and systems of the Lucky Strike, and generally helps Dash with upkeep when they aren't constantly undoing each other’s work. BLU spends a lot of time with Bucketbot in the engineering bay.

BLU refuses to let Dash study his inner-workings, but the evidence is there that BLU may have a voice-box that is disabled and may be even older than the ship.

First Appearance

Species: Artifici

Bucketbot is the newest addition to the crew. Originally a general-purpose bucket at Shmoofyland, he pined for a chance to explore the galaxy. His creator, Walter Kimney gave him that by sending him along with the crew of the Lucky Strike as an assistant.

Bucketbot is an old robot, one of Kimney’s first, and has developed a sarcastic, worn personality over the decades. He generally works as a tool-bucket in the engineering bay, but can be found just about anywhere on the ship.

He has formed a friendship with BLU that is likely to lead to mischief.

First Appearance

Comedy, Action, Adventure, and More.

Comedy, Action, Adventure, and More.

The Rest

Now, if you want to get started, click the image below to jump into Episode 1: Shmoofyland Robot Rampage. If you want to read the pilot (test) episode, Egg MacGuffin, click here.