Series Timeline

This is a timeline of the events of Cosmic Dash, with a few major events used for reference. Story durations are not necessarily important, but serve as a good frame of reference. Feel free to comment or ask questions about event order. Smaller, one-page gag comics are fairly interchangeable and are not important to the timeline.

The current in-universe year is GSY2809.
Interim PeriodEpisode TitleStory Duration
First story chronologicallyGenerals24 Hours
6 MonthsThe Loneliest GeniusAn Hour
3 YearsThe Meeting2 Hours
1 YearLST RM Psychological Profile: Bernell MarkenOne Week
Two WeeksF4 Music Festival for GSY2809 Preview4 Days
Same WeekF4 Music Festival Interview — Íh2 Hours
Two DaysEgg MacGuffin8 Hours
One MonthShmoofyland Robot Rampage6 Hours
Two WeeksSons of the Soil2 Hours
One WeekRebootOne Week
One Week and 4 DaysDeath and the High Cost of Delivery12 Hours
2 DaysInvestigation10 Hours
2 WeeksParanoia4 Days
3 Months48 Hours (Series)2 Days
6 MonthsThe Cube: Part One and The Cube: Part Two2 Weeks
1 MonthGrounded2 Days