Galactic Hub Serreven is a webcomic in development written by David Davis and illustrated by Josh Nickerson. This sister comic to Cosmic Dash focuses on life aboard a massive space station called the Serreven which can be viewed as a microcosm of the larger Silver Spiral Galaxy. The comic is unique in that it exists in the same overall setting as Cosmic Dash, with direct ties to its narrative, as well as using the same themes and some of the same characters, but with more of an emphasis on humor. Of the five leads, the central lead is the older brother of Dorian, from Cosmic Dash.

The comic is intended to be released on its own website, however that will not happen until we have a comfortable buffer established as we each have our own projects to work on. Current supporters of the Cosmic Dash Patreon account will get exclusive access to the comic pages as they are released in addition to all the other awesome Patreon perks!

Continue to check this page for updates on the status of the project, including some additional concept art.