Cosmic Dash Story Guide

This lists all the seasons and main episodes of Cosmic Dash.

Volume Zero

The first season of Cosmic Dash, entitled "Connections" is the first of many planned volumes. The theme of forging connections is explored in these episodes that follow the crew of the Lucky Strike. It acts as a precursor online-exclusive volume.

Episode One

The first episode of Cosmic Dash, "Shmoofyland Robot Rampage" focuses on the crew delivering a special part to a popular galactic theme park, only to be caught up in a robot-terrorist scheme. Introduces many characters and adds Bucketbot to the crew of the Lucky Strike.

Episode Two

Kracker is forced to deliver a mysterious package as the crew is cleaning up after one of his messes. Unfortunately for him, he is about to be swallowed whole by the maw of an ancient death cult. Introduces the character Orthos Kabalos.

Episode Three

Dash has been having trouble sleeping lately, and more unnerving is the feeling that he is being watched and stalked by a mysterious figure. Explores Dash's childhood and lineage.

Episode Four

The crew becomes swept up in a hunt by space pirates for a mysterious cube that was stolen from GalactiCorp. Meanwhile, at GalactiCorp, the robbery has thrown the board into chaos. In addition, Drakar Vadis of DraCo has dispatched bounty hunter Sarress Aeven to seek out the cube as well.

Episode Five

It all comes down to this. Stuck with a wrecked ship on a colonial planet's wilderness, the crew of the Lucky Strike engage in a desperate struggle against Vid's space-pirate crew. It only gets worse from there...

Volume One

Volume One, "ReEmployment", follows the crew as their lives change forever under the steady funding and guidance of Walter Kimney.
No ship, no real hope, and stranded on Teslovia, the crew wrestle with what happened to them.

Episode One

No ship, no real hope, and stranded on Teslovia, the crew wrestle with what happened to them. Each character must come to terms with recent events, but Mara prefers to let her fists do the talking, wrapping her up into a secret mission.
Episode 2

Episode Two

The crew are now gainfully employed by GalactiCorp, but there is a shake up when the company brings in a new employee. Meanwhile, the crew must also prepare for a gala to celebrate their new positions, all on GalactiCorp's dime.

Episode Three

The new circumstances need some getting used to. Meanwhile Dash has tea with a titan of industry and Mara follows up on a previous entanglement in Imperial Territory.


Short story comics exploring other stories in the Silver Spiral Galaxy

Bonus Comics

Comic strips or contributed comics by guests and fans of Cosmic Dash.

Pilot Episode

One of the first Cosmic Dash adventures. This is a pilot episode of sorts that features many of the series regulars.

Bonus Comics Vol. 1

The first volume of Bonus Comics. It features many guest comics and several comic strips showing life aboard the Lucky Strike. Features guest comics from Robin Dempsey and KC Green.

The Meeting

A mini-comic that explores the Federation by making readers privy to a meeting of Federation commanders discussing threats and challenges ahead. It previews some future story threads and introduces several important characters. The first of the short stories to explore the larger galaxy away from the crew.

Bonus Comics Vol. 2

The second volume of the bonus comics. It features a fun three page story by friend of the site, Gemma.


Explores a moment in the past of Episode Two's Commander Furghar just before and after the assassination of the imperial family back on Blassna. This story explores the Imperial side of the series to show heroes and villains on either faction.

Bonus Comics Vol. 3

A clever, fanshippy guest comic by glowinbright of Like Cats and Dogs.


Episode One's T-WK finds himself on a junk-world, nursing a serious grudge against Captain Mara. This story introduces a recurring villain.

Bonus Comics Vol. 4

Featuring the contributions of A. Twu, Jo Pereira, Roo, Aaron Kilborn, Ryan Smith, Kevin Hayman, RaxkiYamato, and Reed Hawker.

The Trap

Bounty Hunters seek a high profile target.

The Cell

The Would-Be Assassin learns of his foolish ways in the most serious manner possible.


Vark recieves a visitor with mysterious agenda.


Walter Kimney returns to his theme park after his ascension to CEO of GalactiCorp.