The art for this week is a collaboration between the creator of Nerf Now!! and myself.  Josué did the lineart based on some character designs I had lying around. Be sure to check out Nerf Now!! as it is one of the better gaming comics out there.

One of the things I love about working on Cosmic Dash is doing the world-building and throwing in references to things going on in the larger-universe, or to things that will happen. For example, I’ve been wanting to get Galactic Hub Serreven off the ground again for a long time now. I’ve talked a little bit about it before. It’s more of a comedic comic about life on a space station that is managed by Dorian’s brother, Angn.

The lovely, if not scantily-clad, lady shown in today’s update is Galaxitina Satruvetsky Quilxoss, a bit of a diva who runs Berth Resque, a very popular burlesque club on the Serreven that caters toward entertaining weary spacers. Also mentioned is a certain Kemezeckian named Jal Mar, a entertainment promoter. If you’ve been following the facebook account you may have seen a recent sketch showing him off. Jal Mar was created by friend of the comic Deft Beck, who also is crafting his own spinoff called Tito and Hench.

Basically, it’s a huge universe with a lot of stories that are floating around. So while the main narrative involves Dash and Co., there are so many other narrative to follow. For example, what about good ol’ Orthos? I’ve even toyed around with some stories entirely from the perspective of the space pirates who we see in issues 4 and 5, but who have tangled with the Lucky Strike before. This doesn’t even include the Maxine stories I’d love to tackle with Hawk.

It’s a great big universe.

Oh, also, MWF schedule this week, enjoy! Think of it as a celebration of Cosmic Dash.

Anyway, there will be a stream on Saturday, see you then!