Tonight’s guest comic was contributed by the creator of Like Cats and Dogs, which is a charming webcomic that I highly advise you all to check out.

Next week I’ll start posting a very special five page comic featuring the return of a character to start moving another plot-line forward, and then we’ll move into the next episode. You may also have noticed that earlier this week I posted a new short story, The Loneliest Genius. It is a bridge that ties into the next episode, so please give it a read, and as always feel free to comment on it. If you want to see more of the stories, or have me focus on certain type of stories, your feedback is very important to that process. There is also a much larger stories that I have finished, but I am not posting it until I have some art arranged for it. I’ll even throw down a gauntlet right now. If I can get 15 separate, solid comments on The Loneliest Genius I will go ahead and do another interview style story with a character within a week or so of meeting the goal. Feel free to suggest a character in your comment, but comments that are not character suggestions do not count. I will go out of my way to make sure I have another interview-style story up if we meet the goal.

Next week will put me half-way through my current quarter, and there will be an increase in work I need to do at the university. That being said, because of my buffer you will not see any slowdown in page postings. I may be harder to get a hold of, however, but please feel free to hit me up if you please.

Lastly, it seems the founder of Jade’s Anthro Webcomics was kind enough to create an entry to Cosmic Dash in their database, and I’ve already received a number of hits from it, so it is only fair I return the favor and send you to the site to find more comics. Please feel free to rate Cosmic Dash over there as well.

In case anyone is curious about what I’ve been reading lately, I am reading Phillip K. Dick’s Ubik for the first time and I am quite enjoying it. I have a pretty keen interest in stories involving future corporations, and you’ll start seeing some of that with the next issue of Cosmic Dash. Earlier I read Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake, which is another book I recommend. Don’t let Atwood’s protestations fool you, however, the novel is most assuredly speculative in nature. It’s led me to think a lot about the politics of genre fiction as of late.

Lastly, all this great Star Wars news has me pumped because I am a superfan. So rather than a webcomic link to close out, as I want you all to check out Like Cats and Dogs, I’ll link to a favorite Wookiepedia article of mine: Dash Rendar.

… I wonder if that’s where Dash Kameku got his name?