Oh man, Commander Pryce is back! Always good to see him. Shame he doesn’t have Commander Scott to mess with.

I tend to tweak character designs between appearances. One of the major tweaks in that Federation panel is that the Federal “look” is far more consistent. I am definitely running with the salmon and steel coloration. I believe it’d be fun to have the Imperials call Feds “Pinks”.

Over at the tumblr, which you should be following, I spoke a bit on the light-panel tech of the galaxy. I am going to be posting more and more stuff there. I am planning to do a nice post on what I call “SphereOS”, which is what you can see on the computer-screens on this page. That should be fun to try and detail. I may even do some diagrams if I have a chance.

Also, holy crap you guys, please spam my formspring with questions, comics, music, whatever. Just ask me things because it has become an addiction for me.

This update’s GUUGEL’S SUPER-COOL WEBCOMICS LINK is a wonderful sci-fi comic called Jump Leads!