We’re getting another peek into Dash’s past. As you can see, he and Mara have known one another for a long while now. There has always been a bit of a competitive element between them, though in a way it is a bit one-sided.

You may have missed the galaxy images I put together this week. You have the normal map of the galaxy with the labelled regions, but you also have a political map of the galaxy that shows a bit of the area at play in the comic, and hints at a few things. We also have the three principle factions and their slogans as well. All of these were reconfigured to be in the header rotation here on the site. I may implement some sort of guest header feature as well. I am still thinking about it though.

Oh, and in case you haven’t seen it, give Gravity Falls a watch. It has a pretty kick-ass opening theme:

Also, make sure you tune in for season five of Breaking Bad. Best show ever? Most likely.

This week you should check out Cleopatra… IN SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE.