First off, an announcement!

The Cosmic Dash Guest Run III is officially accepting comics to run during the break between the current issue, and the upcoming two-part story The Cube.

It’s been a tradition for me to run guest comics between episodes alongside the smaller one-shot comics, and this year I want to make it a bit more rewarding by giving away comics! My favorite guest comic of the run will receive a complete, signed sketch-cover collection of issues one through three, while three runner-ups will receive signed copies of the third issue.

If you are interested in submitting a guest comic, please check out some of the past contributions to get a feel for the range of work I’ve posted. Keep the tone consistent with the series as a whole, and just make sure your comic does not break an 800 pixel width. You can also submit multiple comics, or a multi-page story if you are interested.

You’ve got a few weeks to go before I start running anything as well, so you have plenty of time as the deadline for submissions is January 9th.

Please send all submissions via e-mail to with the subject “guest comic.”

Know what’s pretty awesome? Commander Kitty.