First off, I would like to let friend of the comic and frequent contributor, Deft Beck, give us a little commentary about the latest storyline:

Poor Dash. He’s had so much to go through recently. Then, all of a sudden, something
from his past washed up on the shores of his present.

The signs were all there. Pele Souvar’s newsletter tipped off Vark to Dash’s
location. By the looks of Vark’s room, he was looking for Dash for a while. Let’s
hope that the furnesean can lose Dash’s scent for once.

Meanwhile, we got a good look at Dash’s past through the dream-bubbles. In the

present, Razaar kept himself as cool as his hair as he abandoned his son for the
second time, not without saving his son’t life this time around. And then there’s
all of that talk about the Guild between Vark and Razaar. It sounds as if Dash’s dad
has a lot of baggage, and some kind of plan, too.

In the end, Dash deserves a rest. Hopefully the little turtle can get it all sorted

Thanks for reading, and I hope you’ll check out the next issue!

— Deft Beck

Next week we’ll have a very fun guest comic, and then a new short comic featuring the return of a character from the first issue. I also have two short stories that are likely to go up soon as well. Big doings all around.

Also, the latest issue is finally available in printed form! Click the image of the latest cover in this post if you’re interested in purchasing a copy from Indyplanet. I don’t get a heck of a lot of money from it, but there’s nothing quite like having the story in your hands in one large block. I am thinking about doing a new sketch edition for this story alone, but I will probably wait on doing anything unless there is a demand. I am not discounting the idea of a new set of trading cards though.

Another announcement is that Cosmic Dash does have an official presence on facebook now, with some neat previews.

I am gonna give Guugel’s Webcomic Link a pass this week, as I’m interested in gathering some suggestions from folks, but that isn’t to say I am going to leave you without a link to something cool.

I’d like to share with you a song I really enjoy lately, “Star Hustler” by Lazerhawk:

With that, I am out until next week.