A picture of happier times for the crew before their ship got all wrecked to hell.

I have decided I wanted to do something special. I have a bunch of these postcards with this exact image, and I’d like to send them off, complete with a sketch attached on the back. If you are interested, please chip in a couple bucks toward the server costs of Cosmic Dash and send me an e-mail with your mailing address and what you want sketched on the back of your postcard. You can either donate via paypal, or directly to Dreamhost to cover my web space.

Anyway, yeah, time for a break, but over the next couple weeks I am going to run posters of some of my favorite webcomics by some good friends. I figure since I am not using those update slots why not let others benefit? I am still totally willing to run pin-ups and guest comics if you have them. Just send them to my e-mail (hpkomic(@)gmail.com).

Anyway, peace out folks. If you want a postcard you know what to do.