Well, here is the first page of a three-page story focusing on Commander Amritas Furghar, who you may remember from the previous episode. We’ve mentioned the Empire a few times in the comic, but we’ve not really seen much from their perspective. No, the Empire is not some gigantic evil force, they just differ with the Federation in some major ways.

Hopefully some of the intrigues I’ll be introducing here will be compelling points you’ll want more info about later! I really enjoy doing these small stories between the larger ones. Ideally, I’d love to do a lot more of them.

Anyway, you should keep an eye on the tumblr. I keep posting panel previews from issue 3 in glorious high resolution. I am also allowing open submissions on it, so if you’re a tumblr user and drew some Dash art, I’d love for you to share it.

Also, Bandit’s Quest will update later today, no worries!

Lastly, I am moving my sketchbook stuff to a new tumblr, rather than my more bloggy-one. Check out some of the goods!

Today I want to direct your attentions to one of the best sci-fi comics out there: Banished. Do not be surprised if I start sneaking references to it in Cosmic Dash.