Today we start off Bonus Comics Vol. 2 with a fun comic from Hexaditidom over on deviantART. Always fun to see how someone else draws my characters, I’ll tell you what.

As of today, you can officially purchase the second issue of Cosmic Dash! If you are buying a single issue, of a couple for friends, just hit up the listing at Indy Planet. If you run a shop or want to buy comics in bulk, hit up ComicsMonkey. I am working on assembling a bonus-filled e-reader/app version of these issues. If anyone has any knowledge about this sort of thing, I’d appreciate you contacting me right away! By the time you read this update, there should be a SHOP link in the site’s header. I have started doing some Bandit’s Quest merchandise, and Cosmic Dash is probably not far behind.

Speaking of Bandit’s Quest, people are really enjoying it. Updates may be a bit spread out today due to some other obligations, but I’ll finish up any panels as soon as I get home. There are some changes in store for the next act, but I suspect they’ll be for the better.

Someone recently made the suggestion that I should establish some sort of socialization aspect for my projects beyond comics. Is anyone interested in a forum? Please let me know if you are, I am still trying to decide if it something I want to get together.

Anyway, link time!

Today I direct your attention to Slither and Friends.