The first comic for the guest run comes from A. Twu of First Cultural Industries. A. Twu has a lot of neat things on his site concerning urban design and ecological living. In fact you may have heard of a certain High Speed Rail Map that picked up some internet-traction. A. Twu is also a frequent contributor to the Multi-Artist eXchange, or MAX, which I have plugged a number of times. Once of the reasons A. Twu is one of my favorite MAX contributors is because of neat things he does, such as little in-universe ads like you see on today’s update.

A couple of the things from this guest run will come from MAX because I’ve been involved with it for years, and because MAX will be ending soon and I want to showcase some of the amazing things that I have gained from it. MAX was the brainchild of Reed Hawker, who you may know from one of my favorite webcomics, Culture Shock. The final round is in December, and it’ll be one of those little bits of the internet I’ll miss. I do know that we’ll all keep in touch though, so there is that.

Anyway, there should be a stream this Saturday. Turns out my Battlecroc fanart was a big hit, so maybe I’ll do something non-Dash related again. We’ll see.

Robots are love.