This is the first page of the pilot episode. This episode was created as a kind of test-run for the comic.

At the time I put this cover image together, I was playing a lot of Super Mario Galaxy. I was intending for Cosmic Dash to be released in this sort of half page format. I eventually decided against it, but the nice thing about half pages is that they can stack to become full pages, you know?

The title is in reference to the film/literary device known as a MacGuffin. TVtropes has a pretty nice article about it. The egg in the story isn’t so important as the fact the crew must carry it they way they do. The egg is just there to drive the plot forward. So thus, Egg MacGuffin came about mostly out of wanting to do a pun. In this case, the egg could be just about any holy relic, the real driving force behind the story is that it must be carried by hand through a forest. The egg being gigantic was decided on early, because I wanted another pun-ny sequence. You’ll see it when you see it.