Typically, systems in the Silver Spiral Galaxy are named after a key body or star. Most bodies within that system share the name, but have a number. Special planets or moons have their own unique names, signifying their importance.

In this case, we have Hazaeh, a gas giant and namesake of the Hazaeh system which contains a single star and three planets. Hazaeh is furthest out from the sun, while closer are two dense ore-rich worlds. Poenva is the only real moon around Hazaeh, though there are definitely larger orbiting asteroids. Poenva is able to retain a sufficient level of heat due to the residual heat generated from chemical reactions in Hazaeh’s atmosphere.

Poenva was first colonized by the mantoid during the first great migration. It was claimed as a religious sanctuary due to it’s natural beauty, and hundreds of temple-sites were established across the surface. Poenva features a small Federation base, though the planet is neutral. During the great war, many of the temples were damaged in skirmishes on the surface, as the Hazaeh system is a rich source of gasses and ores.