Before we dive into issue four, let’s take some time to visit an old friend from the first issue. Hopefully we all remember the events of that story. We’ve had previous short stories like this before, but this will be the first in a larger collection of short stories I am putting together. There will not be a short comic or guest run between issues four a five, but that is entirely due to how big the upcoming story will be.

Anyway, I sincerely hope you’ll enjoy checking in with T-Wk again.

I would also like to mention that RGBots has officially started and is being updated now, so please take a look and consider participating. Here is a little bit about the project:


I, along with a couple of talentedfolks, am doing a bit of an ongoing webcomic jam we’re calling RGBots. If you’re into Jerk City or Dinosaur Comics, you may like this. We make comics using the same foundation of six panels, but the twist is that we can re-organize the panels and repeat a single panel per comic. We are sitting on a bunch right now that we’ll be posting over time, but we’re gonna roll them out slowly. We also have a submission system in case anyone wants to contribute.

Most importantly, however, is that in a couple months we will present three new panels that readers get to vote into our rotation. After the panels have been rolled out, over the course of about a year, we end the current experiment and start all over with a brand new set of six panels.

Something to note is that we want to keep the comic authors completely anonymous as it seems like it would be more fun to guess at who wrote what. We do have a contributors section listing those who have contributed a lot over the course of the jam.


This week I would like to share Filtered Fuzz with you.