Like any good space opera, you gotta have a junk planet. Snuck a couple references in this page, see what you can spot.

If you could do me a favor, please take a single-question survey for me concerning possible merch for Cosmic Dash. I’d really like to put some stuff together based on what people want. Your feedback is extremely important for this sort of thing.

I recently commissioned an artist for a kawaii doll of Dash, and the result was so good that the artist and I are putting together a whole set. Perhaps stickers or shirts are in store? We’ll see, please answer the survey and help decide.

Anyway, more news next week, I think. We’ll see about that. As always, please drop some questions or feedback on me, it helps me grow. Also, feel free to check our RGBots, as we did a Valentine’s Day special.


Y’all should check out Spiddrelli this week.