Since I am not using these update slots during my break I have decided to run trailers for some of my favorite webcomics. I asked webcomics I like to send me these so I can share some of my reading list with you. Up first is Zukahnaut.

From the website:


After years of hiding on Earth a lonely alien finally reveals himself. Can Zukah fight his own nature to redeem a wasted life?


Across the face of the Earth a strange phenomenon has emerged.

Dubbed “Portals” by the public at large, these disturbances in the very fabric of reality can manifest in any combination of size, shape, or colour. They open whenever and wherever they please with no apparent warning, knitting themselves back together to vanish again. Sometimes people and things disappear into these Portals… and sometimes people and things emerge from them.

Though initially kept secret, the Portals have become too frequent, widespread and random to remain hidden from the general public. Now people must deal with the consequences of living in a world less predictable by the day.

The lead, Zukah totally reminds me of an Orc, and I think I may name my next WoW Orc after him. It’s a strange but charming comic and definitely worth a read.

Anyway, more trailers on the way throughout the break. Enjoy Zukahnaut!