Month: September 2016

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Spirit Legends Crossover v. 2

This was my half of the Spirit Legends crossover with Drewmaru, be sure to check out the previous update. In other news, the new SpiderForest members are chosen! I’ll do a nicer post welcoming them on the enxt update, but for now here we have a handy list! Seamus and Abbie Bruno Harm …

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Spirit Legends Crossover

This fun crossover pinup was done by DrewMaru of the comic Spirit Legends. Drewmaru is of course, Andrew¬†DeCrescenzo, who did the voice of Kracker in the Cosmic Dash Radioplay episode that Deft Beck put together.¬†I’ll include that at the end of the post, but before that, let me just share some of Andrew’s work. Also, …

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Vigil: Pg 4

Be ye warned, better start from the latest page dump! Oh. That’s sad. Poor Walter. Well, some house-keeping is in order… So, I started Grad school earlier this week, the day after my successful three-day stint at Palm Springs ComicCon. Naturally I am wiped out, but I was motivated as hell to get this story …

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Vigil: Pg 3

I’ve been wanting to draw Maximilian for a long, long time.

Vigil: Pg 1

We’ll be spending some quality time with Kimney this time around. This story takes place shortly after “The Cube”, but prior to “Under New Management.”