Month: September 2016

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Spirit Legends Crossover v. 2

This was my half of the Spirit Legends crossover with Drewmaru, be sure to check out the previous update. In other news, the new SpiderForest members are chosen! I’ll do a nicer post welcoming them on the enxt update, but for now here we have a handy list! Seamus and Abbie Bruno Harm …

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Spirit Legends Crossover

This fun crossover pinup was done by DrewMaru of the comic Spirit Legends. Drewmaru is of course, Andrew DeCrescenzo, who did the voice of Kracker in the Cosmic Dash Radioplay episode that Deft Beck put together. I’ll include that at the end of the post, but before that, let me just share some of Andrew’s work. Also, …

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Vigil: Pg 4

Be ye warned, better start from the latest page dump! Oh. That’s sad. Poor Walter. Well, some house-keeping is in order… So, I started Grad school earlier this week, the day after my successful three-day stint at Palm Springs ComicCon. Naturally I am wiped out, but I was motivated as hell to get this story …

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Vigil: Pg 3

I’ve been wanting to draw Maximilian for a long, long time.

Vigil: Pg 1

We’ll be spending some quality time with Kimney this time around. This story takes place shortly after “The Cube”, but prior to “Under New Management.”