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Support the Project

Cosmic Dash is an ambitious and time-consuming passion project. The project is in no danger of not being worked on, but any financial or resource help really aids in creating content for you to enjoy. Please consider these different ways to support the project.

Consider Supporting via Ko-fi!

The most helpful way to support Cosmic Dash is through subscribing to the official hpkomics Ko-fi. Subscribing at $1 a month allows you to support Cosmic Dash. Ko-fi allows the comic to stay online by helping cover web hosting, but it also helps to cover the payments to series contributors. It is vital to the very existence of Cosmic Dash and enables a lot to happen, so we greatly encourage you to support the comic in this manner.

Patron Hall of Fame

This is a list of the wonderful people who have decided to support my various projects. They’ve done so either through Patreon, Ko-fi, or a PayPal subscription. Be sure to check out their sites if they have them!

Direct Hosting Donations

supportIf you enjoy the comic, you should also realize that putting it together takes time and money. I can provide the time and I pay for everything out of pocket, but I could always use a little help with covering the costs of hosting the comic as well. Dreamhost, my current hosting provider, provides a neat service where donations can knock money off of my hosting fees directly. Rather than just sending readers to my PayPal account, any money donated here goes exclusively toward keeping the site online. If you’re not after any major perks or want to be immediately sure how your money will be spent, this option is perfect for you.

So, if you enjoy the comic and want to help support it in a way that is immediate, consider donating via the graphic to the left, or clicking this link.

Cosmic Dash is hosted by Dreamhost. If you would like to host your own webcomic or just about anything else, consider using this referral link to get some cash knocked off your order. Referrals are another way in which hosting fees can be knocked down for me, so if you wanted to start your own blog or webcomic then please consider using the referral link I’ve provided. Get your website started and help me maintain mine in one go!