Chapter: Vol. 3 - Silver Spiral Stories

Vol. 3 short comics collection.

The Meeting – Pg 1

This is a remake of one of the first Cosmic Dash mini-comics I ever wrote, with some updates to bring it up to current canon. The events of this mini take place back in volume one, and this is one of the minis that will be in the first printed volume. Some of these faces …

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Captain Comet – Pg 3

Special thanks to Anders K. Sekanina of Vulperra for the inking. One more mini comic and then we dive into volume 4.

Captain Comet – Pg 2

Panel 5 is totally one of those “NANI?!” moments. Again, thanks to Anders K. Sekanina of Vulperra for the inking.

Captain Comet – Pg 1

This mini is inked by the talented Anders K. Sekanina, who does a wonderful comic called Vulperra that you should check out!

The Grudge – Pg. 2

Just a little backstory on Nestren and Orthos from way, way back in issue two of volume one!

The Grudge – Pg. 1

This little story takes place just after issue 2 of volume 1. More Orthos is always welcome.

Rogue On the Run – Pg. 3

For more about Spril and his connection to Guugel, check out Silver Spiral Stories #1. Special thanks, again, to Kota for inking this story. Be sure to check out the Comicadia comic Monster Soup as well!