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Episode 5: Pg 14

Do some of the trees look familiar? I drew enough of them that I am able to edit existing backgrounds and reuse some assets. Really helpful for me.

First of all, the store was updated a bit and features the two current shirt/sticker designs. In case you hadn’t seen the Mara one, you can click the pictures below to purchase them. I am planning a couple more shirts of that same style, so keep an eye out!

spacehero_shirt_design spaceheroine_shirt_design

In other news, there was a new page of Galactic Hub Serreven posted at the Patreon page. I also updated the Patreon page a little bit to really sell the comic. Might even put together a video.

Also, the Star Fox cosplay series is complete! I am adding new wallpaper dimensions as I receive them, so if you want the wallpaper and it’s not available for your screen dimensions, just comment on this page and let me know. You can always shoot me an e-mail as well. Existing wallpapers can be found in this directory. You can see the wallpaper below:


Lastly, I have a busy weekend ahead of me studying for finals, but I will take a couple hours out at the usual time on Saturday to stream, so please join me for good music, drawings, and maybe some free sketches! You may also want to follow me on twitter, because lately I have also been posting drawings for people there.

Now to study some Russian Imperial history.


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