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Episode 5: Pg 2

story_ad_48hours_dashI think the ship is pretty much done with, folks.

You know what’s not done, though? The short stories project! In fact, I just posted a new short story, an installment of a new series that explores the crew of the Lucky Strike over a period of 48 hours that is aptly titled… 48 Hours! Best of all, the story parts are from specific perspectives, and they all view events in their own way.

This first installment takes place a few months prior to the ship being scrap metal, and a couple months after the events of Paranoia. This first installment focuses on Dash, and how he’s not exactly thriving after a very near death experience. The awesome illustrations throughout were contributed by ecunderbase @ tumblr, and there was even a new Orthos drawing done for Investigation (the first of the stories) as well, so give that one a re-read and marvel at the arty-goodness.

As a general query, how many of you have been reading the short stories, and how do you feel about them? Do you feel they work alongside the comic? In particular, do you feel you get plenty of content between both of them? Any feedback on them in general would be great. I’m also always looking for suggestions on stuff to explore, so if there is a minor character or a culture from the comic you’re intrigued by, let me know.

Also, THE STREAM HAS RETURNED. As it turns out, the last Windows update busted the software I use and the software link was not updated accordingly at uStream. Boo. Anyway, as my university obligations are done for a couple of weeks, I can pour some energy into that, in addition to that one Star Fox wallpaper I talked about.


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