Rehabilitation: Pg 3

Rehabilitation: Pg 3


Hold up! Be sure to read this update from the first page of the page-dump!

Welcome back folks, this is the first of four short stories that we’ll be running before episode three begins. This time we will be catching up with Vark in HyperMax. Looks like he recieved an invite to one of Drakar’s important social organizations! Hm…

Anyway, Tobi and I are making good progress on the pages, so expect the next batch of pages in 2 to 3 weeks. We’ve got a nice little system going. Speaking of Tobi, though, I’d like to take a moment to ask you to support the Cosmic Dash Patreon. I recently updated the support page, but the text seems super relevant here as well…

The most helpful way to support Cosmic Dash is through becoming a patron at the official Cosmic Dash Patreon. Becoming a patron allows you to support Cosmic Dash based on recieved content, rather than month to month. Best of all, the more patrons and associated earnings on the patreon, the more Cosmic Dash content is generated.

Basically, for every five substantial updates patreon will take in your pledged donations. These updates include comic pages and short stories from the archive. Your pledge can be any amount, but we offer pre-built tiers that offer you rewards based on increments of $1, $5, or $10 per five updates.

At any level a patron gets exclusive access to development sketches and early pages and previews of upcoming stories. Patrons even have the ability to influence pages and stories. There is also access to the Patron-exclusive Discord room and other free goodies such as mini-comics. Higher tiers even get custom sketches every five updates, or quarterly swag mailed off to them.

Patreon allows the comic to stay online, but also helps to cover the costs of my inker and my co-writer. It is vital to the very existance of Cosmic Dash, so we greatly encourage you to support the comic in this manner.

All those stories, bro.

I’m excited that we have updated just about everything regarding the patreon including reward tiers and milestones. Basically, the more support Cosmic Dash gets through patreon the more Cosmic Dash you can get. Currently we are only $20 away from the next milestone which unlocks weekly updates to Star’s Rest Cantina, the interactive fiction project. We’re only $45 away from even more substantial lore updates as well. I am eager to dive into all of this this, but I need the financial support to be able to do so as commissions have become a second job to me. If I get the proper patronage I can do less commissions and focus more on the Cosmic Dash content. Plus you can help me reward Tobi and Deft, my assistants, for their hard work on the comic. Remember, for as little as $1 per every 5 updates of content, such as pages or short stories, you can fund a ton of great new stuff.

New stuff such as Nightlifers chapters, or the two new works we have at the Story Archive as of right now. The first is “They’ve Got It On Lock” a Silver-Spiral analogue to the yearly Eurovision singing contest, and explores networking technology and content rights. The second is a new psychological profile conducted by Dorian that focuses on Guugel. Both of these are available today as a bonus to the addition of this complete Vark story. Not bad, huh?

In general news, this month I begin my journey to my Master’s degree at CSUSM which is ridiculously exciting! I’m actually a grad-student. How crazy is that? Suddenly I’ll love PHD comics even more than I already do. Secondly, this month I will making an appearance at Comic Con Palm Springs and boy do I have some rad stuff I am taking with me. There will be really cool stuff like buttons, prints, and even a mini-comic! There is even more, including a lot of the sketchcards I tend to post on instagram. I also want to note that the mini-comic is also available as a digital download for just $1 (though it’s free for Patrons). This should be the first of many. Speaking of many things, there are just two more things I would like to mention.


Right now SpiderForest, that rad webcomic collective I am in, is doing their August submission round. If you have a webcomic and want to be involved in a collective with like-minded creators please click the graphic above.


Lastly, I have a new horror webcomic I am doing with Poll Comics, which we have called Through a Dark Lens. It is a poll driven horror story that I am writing and it is illustrated by Ram Hull, creator of Poll Comics. It is a Lovecraftian story set in an estate turned museum with a dark history. I will be working on the next installment this weekend, so please give it a look.

I think that just about covers it, but before we go, I always welcome any comments or feedback you may have, and I ask that if you enjoy the stories and comics to please consider chipping in even a dollar to the Cosmic Dash Patreon.