The Cell: Pg 3

The Cell: Pg 3

Well hello everyone. If you’ve not seen the whole page dump, please click the link above to the first page. All caught up? Good. Loads to discuss.

First off, sorry for the delay between updates. I just finished my first semester of grad school, and Tobi, who has taken over inking duties on the comic is also a university student. Basically our schedules didn’t really mesh for a bit, but hey, we’re getting back to it now. Next update should be soon. As far as this story goes, we’ve hopefully tied up a loose end regarding our crappy assassin from the last issue and hopefully added in a bit of a new wrinkle, in addition to a new alien race in the comic.

That doesn’t mean nothing happened in the meantime. First off, the first novel-length Cosmic Dash story finally came out! If you’ve not had a chance yet, you need to give it a read, it was a pretty radical undertaking on the part of Deft, who co-wrote a portion of the novel, and myself. It is a story that takes place between episodes 3 and 4 of the first volume that revolves around the crew being stuck in orbit around a jump-gate. It’s kind of a bottle episode of sorts that ends up covering a lot of ground with the crew psychologically. Anyway, give it a whirl by clicking the link below.

But hey, there is more! I’ve been doing some comics over twitter in the meantime that are tied to Cosmic Dash, based on that guy in blue with the pointy hat who has made several appearances in the comic. So far we have had two installments of Worldwalker (1 & 2), and I will be doing a third this weekend. It’s pretty fun and I am excited to explore this character as he pre-dates Dash’s creation.

Speaking of creations… the Cosmic Dash theme song (remember that?) got it’s first remix courtesy of effoharkay, lead composer of the game Aerannis. If you want to give it a listen you can check it out on the Cosmic Dash Patreon. You don’t need to be a patron to give it a listen, so dive right in.

Speaking of Patreon (nice transitions, huh?), we are working on a new collaborative storyline with Patron’s shaping the story. We’ll have more news on the way, but it’s really exciting so far. I can’t wait to post our first installment.

As always, Through a Dark Lens is chugging along, please keep reading and voting! There may or may not be a Worldwalker/Cosmic Dash connection…

As always, we also have the Cosmic Dash discord channel, so feel free to pop in and chat with us. We have a lot of fun there.