Vigil: Pg 4

Vigil: Pg 4

Be ye warned, better start from the latest page dump!


Oh. That’s sad. Poor Walter.

Well, some house-keeping is in order… So, I started Grad school earlier this week, the day after my successful three-day stint at Palm Springs ComicCon. Naturally I am wiped out, but I was motivated as hell to get this story going as there’s been a lot of speculation on Kimney and I’ve wanted to dive into his story a bit more. Hopefully this little diversion was informative.

Now, I am unsure of how Grad school will effect the comic, but Cosmic Dash is still very much a priority for me and I will make whatever time I have between readings and papers to add to the stories, via the comics or the short story archive… speaking of which, there is a new short story featuring Vid and the space pirates we last saw in The Cube. This story is called “The Mark,” and takes place shortly after we left off with them at the end of The Cube. It was written by Jim Perry of Out of My Element and My Hero (NSFW), and I am hoping he’ll be interested in doing more Cosmic Dash stories. I know he has an exciting one in the works right now. You may also have missed the latest installment of Nightlifers or Star’s Rest Cantina… so I’d catch up while you wait for the next page dump which should be quicker than the wait we just had.

Currently, test-readers are tackling the first draft of Pause and Effect, the first Cosmic Dash novel, and I can’t wait to get that out there for everyone to read. If you are interested in being a test-reader, please let me know.

If you are absolutely dying for more of my work, and you have that inclination to read creepy stuff, why not give my project with Poll Comics a read? So far we’ve had multi-page updates every other week or so. Through a Dark Lens has been a really fun project, and since I’m just writing it I am able to get to it rather quickly, whereas with Cosmic Dash there are a lot of art duties.

I will also be posting something else this weekend, just need to hammer out the details. It’s a crossover of sorts, and I’ll likely have some more news attached to it as well.