A drawing of the cast of the comic.

Welcome to cosmicdash.com, home of the science fiction webcomic Cosmic Dash.  The comic combines action, adventure, comedy, and even fantasy as it explores a fully-realized fictional galaxy.

The episodes tend to follow the crew of The Lucky Strike, an independent cargo-ship that travels between the territories of the Federation, Blassnaught Empire, and beyond, all within the Silver Spiral Galaxy. The crew gets swept up into trouble and adventure quite often. Between episodes there are also mini-comics, strips, and guest comics. These break up the stories a bit, but also help explore the larger universe, and sometimes focus on characters outside of the crew of The Lucky Strike. There is also an archive of short stories with contributions by outside creators as well! Additionally, you can also learn all about the galaxy by visiting the lore archives.

The comic is rated pg13 due to scenes depicting alcoholic and drug substances, strong language, violence, and sci-fi action.