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Volume One: Connections

Volume One: Connections

The first volume of Cosmic Dash features three stories. Originally, my aim was to include five stories in the first volume, but due to the page totals, I dialed it back to three and retroactively determined this to be Volume One a few years back.

Since that decision, I have structured the volumes around three stories per volume, with, ironically enough, the exception of volume two, which was only two issues – but told a two-part story. Look, I am still learning how to do all this stuff.

This volume’s stories include “Shmoofyland Robot Rampage,” “Death and the High Cost of Delivery,” and “Paranoia.” Thematically speaking, “Connections” was chosen as the title of the volume because these three stories laid seeds for what would be continuing plotlines in the comic. This includes characters, such as Walter Kimney, Bucketbot, and Orthos, to storylines such as The Cult of Y’Tun Sargon, Dash’s relationship to his father, and some other things which have yet to play out.

Please enjoy reading Cosmic Dash Vol. 1.


  1. Paul Johnson
    Paul Johnson June 15, 2021

    This is my 2nd reread.

  2. FryHyde
    FryHyde August 30, 2022

    The beginning of the republishing of the renaming of an era.

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