Month: July 2011

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Episode 2: Pg 4

Switched back to digital inking here, but I think it shows with the quality jump. The Cyclopasian architecture is a little strange. The inspiration I drew for it was a kind of blend between “Clock Town” in The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask and a kind of thrown together Victorian London with a load of scrap everywhere. …

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Episode 2: Pg 3

Second and last of the traditionally inked pages. Not my finest work, but panels 4 and 5 are definitely pretty on par with my usual stuff. Yeah, Kracker’s hat is a reference to link. I wanted him in a hat, and I opted for a long green one. Also, it’s good to see Bucketbot slipping into his …

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Episode 2: Pg 2

This page, and the following page will look a little different because I attempted to use actual ink. The results weren’t amazing, but I am glad I tried it out anyway. I’ll have to develop a project sometime that I can use actual ink on. I’m also glad to have a chance to draw Dash …

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