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What is Cosmic DashCosmic Dash is a science-fiction adventure multimedia project and webcomic. There are also ebooks, a novel, and even a radio play! You’ve just found your new space webcomic obsession. Please feel free to learn more about the project before you dive in. 

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This space webcomic updates every other week, on Saturdays, and is currently in its fourth volume. Each volume features, on average, three stories. The webcomic follows the crew of The Lucky Strike II, a research vessel for the company GalactiCorp. The crew travels around a galaxy divided into three major factions who vie for control of territory in the form of a cold war.

The webcomic is rated PG13 for sci-fi action, adventure, and mild adult themes. You can jump to the latest page here or read the comic from the first issue of volume one.

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