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Cosmic Dash Current Update Notice

What is Cosmic Dash? Cosmic Dash is a science-fiction adventure multimedia project and webcomic. There are also ebooks, a novel, and even a radio play! You’ve just found your new space webcomic obsession. Please feel free to learn more about the project before you dive in.¬†

The Webcomic

This space webcomic updates every other week, on Saturdays, and is currently in its fourth volume. Each volume features, on average, three stories. The webcomic follows the crew of The Lucky Strike II, a research vessel for the company GalactiCorp. The crew travels around a galaxy divided into three major factions who vie for control of territory in a form of a cold war.

The webcomic is rated PG13 for sci-fi action, adventure, and mild adult themes. You can jump to the latest page here, or read the comic from the first issue of volume one.

A Galaxy of Stories!

The Cosmic Dash universe has become as large as the space webcomic, spinning off into companion series, short fiction, and even a novel.

For more information on all of this material, including the novel Pause and Effect, please visit the stories index.

The Lore

The Cosmic Dash projects are set in a galaxy called the Silver Spiral and a ton of supplementary material about the setting, characters, and technology has been published over the years. One of these features is an in-universe blog, run by a galactic researcher named Meilo Thench who posts about various topics in the Silver Spiral. You can check out more information about the universe through his blog and even reach out with any questions you may have!

Getting Started!

If you want to learn more about the project, be sure to visit the About page for all sorts of information regarding the creation of the project and those involved. These pages serve as a hub for many others that cover a wide variety of materials such as development art, documentary details on the creation of the comic, and information on how to buy Cosmic Dash merch, such as books, stickers, shirts, and even original art. If you’d like to check out the merch right away simply head to the shop!

If you are a fan, or are just an overly-generous stranger, and would like to know how to support the comic financially through Patreon please visit the support page. We take other forms of support outside of Patreon as well, and you can rest assured that the webcomic will never be gated behind a paywall.

Let’s Go Already!

I know, I know, there is a lot to cover, but if you want to dive into the comic from the beginning you should click the left image, or if you want to jump to the most current page, click the right image!

Everything else will be waiting for you later.