Month: May 2012

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Episode 3: Pg 4

Marken’s eyes, due to his being an astro-mole, are very light sensitive. Since it’s dark, he has no need for the goggles. It felt like a fairly nice touch to have him without goggles here. Almost allows him to be a bit more sympathetic… that and the midnight snack there does not hurt either.

Episode 3: Pg 3

You get a good shot of Dash’s shell-less back on this one. The clothing he wears has a hole right in the back so the nerves can connect to the shell. Mara has the same sort of holes in the back of her clothing as well.  

Episode 3: Pg 2

This page we get introduced to Dash’s grandfather, Razaal Aruzen Kameku, and we see a bit of one of Dash’s daily activities as a wee little terrekin.