Month: September 2014

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Episode 1: Pg 1

Back in the saddle again. I’d like to take this moment to mention the Cosmic Dash TVTropes page. Please consider adding to it if you’re a troper. See ya next week!

Episode 1: Log

Where we last left the crew things were not looking good. Considering the amount of stuff going on in any given episode I decided to rework the log pages to grant myself a little more text. I also included some graphics for the core cast. It feels a little bit like my own Star Wars …

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Episode 1: Grounded

This episode is written by friend of the comic Deft Beck. I basically contributed the overarching idea and a list of themes to tackle. 95% of what you see is as written in the script. I made a few tweaks here and there to fit the 32 page count. It’s been an interesting change of …

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