Month: December 2014

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Episode 1: Pg 14

Hope you all had a great Christmas or whatever it is you celebrate. 😀 New Mara story was posted last week.

Episode 1: Pg 13

I’ll be posting the Mara story this weekend. Still missing some art for it, but the art can always be added in later. I’ll begin archiving the lore on the site as well. EDIT: Story is now up!

Episode 1: Pg 12

Time to check in with Kracker! New lore has been posted. Will be archiving it to the site soon.

Episode 1: Pg 11

A new series of posts on the tumblr that introduce the larger galaxy written by a researcher, please take a look. I’ll be archiving them on site eventually. We have an entry about the Nudrik, and one on the Cycle of Spirits.