Month: February 2019

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Episode One – Pg 10

Well, Dash and Kracker wasted no time taking apart that scooter. The thing was fully assembled only a couple pages ago! In case you missed it Thursday, there was a special update for VDSD 2019, the Valentine’s Day Sex Drive. To celebrate we put a naughty Orthos drawing up as a Top Webcomics vote incentive, …

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Episode One – Pg 9

Dorian just “nope’d” out of this situation hard. Remember, you can vote for Cosmic Dash on Top Webcomics for a special, high-resolution version of the panel. Also, don’t forget to join in with the Comicadia Springs Zine! Oh, and one more thing! This Thursday there will be a pretty sexy Cosmic Dash themed pinup up …

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Episode One – Pg 8

Well that certainly complicates things for Dorian. Please remember to vote for Cosmic Dash on Top Webcomics. You get a weekly bonus when you do. You can also vote daily… just saying. It’d really help.