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F.A.Q. – Frequently Asked Questions

Here is the F.A.Q. page for all Cosmic Dash questions that come up frequently.

Q: Will this F.A.Q. ever update?

A: Maybe! Actually, it just got updated! (12-15-22)

Q: How often does the comic update?

A: The comic updates bi-weekly on Saturdays. The time varies, but generally, you should be able to read the new comic after midnight. This bi-weekly schedule is so that I can alternate between the adventures of this primary series and the anthology series.

Q: What other websites host Cosmic Dash comics?

A: Currently, Smackjeeves (no longer up as Smackjeeves died; RIP) and Comic Fury. Recently added to Tumblr, The Duck Webcomics, Webtoon, and Tapas.

Q: How long does it take to draw a page?

A: When conditions are favorable, I can bust out a couple of penciled pages in a day. Conditions are generally not favorable, though. On average each page takes between 4 to 8 hours between freelancing and teaching.

Q: Do you plan on publishing any of the older comics?

A: Volume One is currently available through Jarlidium Press. Volume Two should be available in the Fall of 2020. For more information on books visit the Merch page.

Q: How far ahead is all of this planned out?

A: I try to establish a buffer for each story of a few comics, but sometimes circumstances cause me to burn through my backlog. The comic itself operates on what I call a flexible continuity. I have many stories planned, but their placement can change. In truth, I have not had a true buffer in years.

Q: What are some of the resources you’ve used for the comic?

A: Huge thanks to Synduo for cleaning up the Cosmic Dash logo concept into the current logo. I used screen tones by Psychobob in the first three episodes of Volume One. Since then, I’ve developed my own screen tones that I use exclusively. Many of the fonts I used in Volume One, aside from my hand-written style, are from Blambot or dafont. I try to use open-source fonts. Starting with episodes four and five I stopped using freeware fonts.

You can purchase my hpkomic script fonts through Ko-Fi. They are my standard comic dialogue fonts.  I also have screen tones and photoshop brushes available that are used in the comic.

Other fonts used in Volume One:

  • Listium
  • Agency
  • Antique Olive
  • Damn Noisy Kids
  • DeathRattle BB
  • WhoopAss
  • Feast of Flesh BB
  • MondoBeyondo BB
  • Blackoak Std
  • Alrono
  • Aldo the Apache
  • Trash Cinema BB
  • Cartoonist Kooky
  • #44 Font
  • Palooka BB
  • Yikes!
  • Komika Axis
  • Big Bottom Cartoon
  • Obelix Pro

If you know of any fonts I used that have not been listed here, please contact me and let me know. This is in no way a complete listing.

Q: What is this Short Stories Series?

A: The short stories project is a way to build on the lore of the universe that surrounds the comic, and provide some alternative ways to tell stories about the various characters encountered in the series. It also is a way to involve other writers and artists. If you are interested in becoming a contributor in writing or art, just send me an e-mail (! Please note that there is little I can offer in compensation besides exposure and very, very limited payment, but all contributors retain the rights to their work. In addition, I am looking into publishing a collection of the stories, just like I publish the comic. If you are uncomfortable with this, it is easy to opt your contribution out of the publication if that happens.

Most of the draft stories are available on Wattpad.

Q: What is all this about a Cosmic Dash playlist?

A: A friend of the comic, Deft Beck, has created a Spotify playlist that I often use when I stream and draw, and also serves as thematic music for the comic.

Q: What is this about a Cosmic Dash theme song?

A: Deft commissioned Nitrosparxx to create a Cosmic Dash chiptune theme. You can listen to it below!

There is also a synthwave remix, done by effoharkay, main composer of the indie game Aerannis:

Q: Where is the audio drama?!

I got your audio drama right here, buddy. Listen to the Deft Beck produced “Crate Job, Everyone” on Soundcloud.

Q: What is this Ko-fi thing you keep discussing in your posts?

A:  Ko-fi is a service I use to allow readers to give regular monetary support to the comic. Think of it as a combination between Kickstarter and a donation button. Ko-fi allows you to do regular donations at any level you’d like, but I do not offer tier-exclusive content. Any level, even $1, provides great help. You can also do a monthly subscription through the platform. I welcome subscriptions in particular, but one-off donations are also incredibly helpful.

Q: What is Galactic Hub Serreven?

A:  Galactic Hub Serreven is a Cosmic Dash spinoff that is a collaboration between David Davis and Josh Nickerson, and later Gage Lippolt.

Q: What are the Silver Spiral Stories?

A:  Silver Spiral Stories are stories that explore characters and situations in the Cosmic Dash universe, and generally do not include the main cast. More details can be found in the stories archive.

Q: How is the game coming along?

A:  The game is currently on pause as I am working on a different, paid game project. The game concept has been reworked into a comic.

Q: I heard there was a Discord channel?

A:  Indeed!

Q: Do you have any reference art or designs I can see?

A:  Of course, please visit the reference and development art page I put together.

Blu is impatient for more questions! Help add to the F.A.Q. with questions!