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About the Project

The following page includes general information about the Cosmic Dash project in addition to links to other, specific sections.

About the Talent

David Davis is the creator of Cosmic Dash and the Silver Spiral Stories. You can find much of his work on his portfolio website. He is highly active on social media and can be frequently be contacted through Twitter. There is also a Cosmic Dash Facebook page. Feel free to e-mail him with any burning questions or anger about a lack of updates.

David is fortunate to have a wonderful and ever-expanding roster of contributors to Cosmic Dash:

  • Deft Beck contributes to writing, stories, and concepts and can also be found on Twitter. He also manages the Cosmic Dash mirrors and creates themed Spotify playlists based on the characters. He also is the writer and creator of the spinoff series, NightLifers. Consider Deft Beck the second authority regarding canon.
  • Kevin Hayman is the current inker as of Cosmic Dash vol. 4, episode 2.
  • Tobias Van Den Bergh is an animator and inked a great many pages in volume three. He can also be found on Twitter.
  • Shrimpula inked Cosmic Dash vol. 4, episode 1. Shrimpula can be found on Twitter.

If you wish to support these creators, please contribute to the hpkomics Ko-fi account, as they receive the majority cut of Cosmic Dash-related earnings.

What is Cosmic Dash?

Cosmic Dash is a space opera webcomic that updates on Saturday. The comic follows the crew of the Lucky Strike II, an experimental research vessel that services clients of GalactiCorp. The crew finds themselves on the very edge of galactic civilizations and frequently find themselves swept up into the danger of a cold war between various factions that seems to be heating up.

Silver Spiral Stories is an anthology webcomic that follows characters and storylines introduced and developed in the main Cosmic Dash comic. As an anthology series, many storylines can be seen developing the larger universe of the primary comic. Descriptions of the specially designated sub-series can be found at

Support the Project

If you would like to support the project you can do so in a variety of ways. We are always thankful for donations for hosting and paying contributors for their work. We love small donations, especially if they are recurring. Visit the support page to learn more!

If you want to get involved with the larger Cosmic Dash fan community you should consider popping into the official Discord chat and liking the Facebook page.

More Questions?

If you want to know more, chances are someone has already asked it. Please visit the F.A.Q. page for more info including technical specifications, canon questions, and more!

The core cast of Cosmic Dash… for now.