Chapter: Volume 1 - Connections

First volume – comprises “Shfmooyland Robot Rampage,” “Death and the High Cost of Delivery,” and “Paranoia.”

Reboot: Pg 2

Like any good space opera, you gotta have a junk planet.¬†Snuck a couple references in this page, see what you can spot.      

Reboot: Pg 1

Before we dive into issue four, let’s take some time to visit an old friend from the first issue. Hopefully we all remember the events of that story.

Episode 3: Pg 34

One thing I really haven’t done in this episode is talked much about the races who make¬†appearances. So today let’s talk about Vark, who is a rather interesting example of the furnsean race. Vark here is interesting not only because of his insanity, but that he is an interesting fusion of two distinct groups of …

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