Month: August 2013

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Episode 4: Pg 23

Hello, there. I’m Deft Beck, and I’ll be delivering the author’s note for this week’s page. I live in a spacious techno-castle in an unknown pocket of space. As lonely as the outermost reaches of space can be, it is the perfect environment for writing. I’ve been writing seriously for the past couple of years. …

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Episode 4: Pg 22

As you can probably see if you’re not reading from the RSS feed this week, Cosmic Dash had a website overhaul. I may do some more changes, but nothing as dramatic as what I did over the past day or two. There are some rather pronounced buttons in the sidebar now that link to some …

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Episode 4: Pg 21

From here until the end of the current issue is going to narrow the focus a bit to the Lucky Strike crew. It’s a bit different than the last few pages, at least. Anyway, once you are done catching up with Cosmic Dash you should check out my latest Project Vanguard short story. This week …

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Episode 4: Pg 19

Extreme computer issues today, as I nearly lost my entire art archive. No real notes this week.