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Episode 4: Pg 23

Hello, there. I’m Deft Beck, and I’ll be delivering the author’s note for this week’s page.

I live in a spacious techno-castle in an unknown pocket of space. As lonely as the outermost reaches of space can be, it is the perfect environment for writing.

I’ve been writing seriously for the past couple of years. I made friends with the author of the very comic you’re reading through a collaborative comic project. While that fell through, we stayed friends and exchanged ideas. Eventually, I decided to port a sci-fi story concept into the Silver Spiral System. That story is called Tito and Hench”.

Tito and Hench follows a repton named Tito Nicor, a wannabe drummer and a general bastard. Fresh out of money and patience, he begins work at a local record label and befriends the meek blassnaught Henke Rassqa, nicknamed “Hench”. Together, they struggle to find their sound in the volatile political and cultural environment that is Blassna, the heart of the Blassnaught Empire.

You’ll definitely be seeing more of these guys in the future.

As for the stuff I’ve written already in the SSS, check out the initial posts in the F4 music festival series, which include the introduction and the interview with Ih Telhet.

Non-Silver-Spiral material I’ve written lately include the short comic Ghostwriter for the Premier Pulp web-magazine, as well as short stories in the Project Vanguard collaborative superhero-centric writing project. Check out the stories featuring my characters Blinkette and Orion, as well as HP’s characters Iceshot, Searing Skull and Jin Shou. If this sounds appealing, drop into our IRC, most active at night.

Hope you’re enjoying this storyline. I co-wrote a future storyline that you’ll see after the conclusion of the current arc.

See you then.

– Deft



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