Month: January 2014

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Episode 5: Pg 8

The contest is still going on, start getting those submissions in! Stream this Saturday as well, at the usual time. See you there!

Episode 5: Pg 7

Remember, the contest is still going on! Anyway, let’s check back with Kimney.  

Episode 5: Pg 6

Let’s catch up with Vid’s crew. Things aren’t looking much better for them. The big news this week? The start of the Fan Art Contest!   There is a LOT of cool stuff up for grabs including cash and art software for the winners, so check out the page and read up on the rules. …

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Episode 5: Pg 5

I received an interesting e-mail the other day. I can’t talk about it right now, but it is something cool. However, on a related note, what sort of voices do you hear for the characters when you read the comic? By all means post some youtube links or ideas. I’m curious. I have my own …

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Episode 5: Pg 4

Hey, a lot of neat things to mention this week. First of all, Cosmic Dash was placed on a must read in 2014 list! How cool is that? While you’re checking that out, also look at the list of graphic novels being put together there. It’s quite an insightful list of books. Secondly, the introductory …

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