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Episode 5: Pg 4

Hey, a lot of neat things to mention this week. First of all, Cosmic Dash was placed on a must read in 2014 list! How cool is that? While you’re checking that out, also look at the list of graphic novels being put together there. It’s quite an insightful list of books.

Secondly, the introductory episode of Podwarp I was supposed to be on finally went online. Feel free to listen to me talk about Cosmic Dash months ago.

Thirdly, the next of the Star Fox cosplay drawings went up, so click here to see Kracker dressed as Falco.

And lastly, check out the amazing drawing of Marken that good friend Reed Hawker did.


My quarter starts up next week, but don’t expect any delays in updates. I’m still in the process in writing the first installment of Kracker’s POV account for 48 Hours. Of course you’re still welcome to read the first part, Dash’s POV, if you haven’t already.

I am also working on the finishing touches of my fourth Project Vanguard short story, and should have that available relatively soon. If case you missed the previous ones, there are stories featuring Searing Skull, Iceshot, and Jin Shou. If you like superhero stories then you’ll probably enjoy these.

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