Month: June 2014

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Episode 5: Pg 29

We’re only about 3 pages away from the end of the first season, at least as far as the crew of the Lucky Strike goes. I’ll be doing some short comics afterwards, but the big arc is just about resolved. Exciting times! I am also doing commissions again, so you should drop by my sketchbook for …

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Episode 5: Pg 28

First things first. A special thank you to Sean, Bubzy, and Dalvatron for donating to the site. Cosmic Dash is covered for a couple months now. — David Davis (@hpkomic) June 13, 2014 Some of you really stepped up last week, and that was a huge help. Things are better now, at least, but we’re …

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Episode 5: Pg 27

It’s been a particularly bad week for me, but I was not going to miss an update, and, as you can see here, I did not. Things are pretty bad right now though, and I am staving off a potential hiatus as best I can. These next couple months are going to be very, very …

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Episode 5: Pg 26

There may be some weirdness with front page comments. Hopefully not by the time this page goes life, but you never know. I’ll see what I can do if we do have issues though. You can always go to the actual post for the page and comment there with no trouble as well. Just click …

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