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Episode 5: Pg 28

First things first.

Some of you really stepped up last week, and that was a huge help. Things are better now, at least, but we’re still not out of the woods yet. I should know where things stand by the end of next month.

In happier news, I am officially a graduate! I have  Bachelor’s Degree in English and some free time ahead, which means I can ramp up comic production again. Hooray! I also decided to celebrate by uploading a lot of prose installments of various projects on my Wattpad account. I’ll be collecting some of the Cosmic Dash short stories there as well.

I’d also like to give a couple shoutouts to some comics I like. First is Kyria, which I like so much I created a forum for on the behalf of the author, Aero Zero. Secondly is CottonTale, whose writer I have been talking to a lot lately.

Lastly, you may have noticed some storylines in Cosmic Dash being picked up or converging. I feel like tooting my own horn a bit because things are coming together so well that I set up a storyline hint thread where I will post a panel or page each week that sets up something either coming down the pipe, or a reveals a payoff that has already occurred. In addition, I should be able to get the Facebook story rolling in earnest and start adding more GHS pages to the Patreon.

Oh yeah, if anyone has some PHPBB forum experience, I could use some moderators. Drop me a line if you’re interested.

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