Month: November 2014

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Episode 1: Pg 10

Same song and dance, I know, but Mara’s chapter is coming soon. I’ve started getting the art for it. Just waiting on all the pieces.

Episode 1: Pg 9

My hope is to get the Mara chapter of 48 Hours up next week. Let’s hope the art assets come in!

Episode 1: Pg 8

It never hurts to look at pages closely. You never know what might show up in the background. The snippy message from the Vending machine UI in panel 2 was a “throw it in” moment from the art stream as I streamed the creation of this page a couple times over the course of the …

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Episode 1: Pg 7

Hey, it’s Kimney again. Also, there was a new State of Cosmic Dash post on the tumblr. Please consider supporting the comic on Patreon.