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Episode 1: Pg 8

It never hurts to look at pages closely. You never know what might show up in the background.

The snippy message from the Vending machine UI in panel 2 was a “throw it in” moment from the art stream as I streamed the creation of this page a couple times over the course of the week. I may do that sort of thing more regularly, so keep an eye on my twitter, and bookmark my Picarto account.

In other news, we hit the $40 level at Patreon, putting us $10 away from the $50 goal. At that goal I remove ALL ads from the website and RSS feed, so even a small contribution benefits everyone. If 10 more of you donate a simple dollar every other month or so through Patreon we’d be set. Even then, I know we could always benefit from a little motivation, so if we are able to reach the $50 level by my birthday (January 27th) then I will pick a random patron and develop a canon character with them who will appear in the next episode of Cosmic Dash, and not just as a one-off character either. We’re talking about a recurring role. So please, if you are a reader and would like to leave your mark on the comic in a big way, consider supporting the comic through Patreon.

Lastly there is this thing. I commissioned this based on one of the alien critters you may have seen in the comic. I may seek out more stuff like this:


The very talented artist still has commissions available, of course.

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