Month: April 2015

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Episode 1: Pg 31

Hey, the story is rapidly coming to an end, so that means Guest Run 4 is ready to go! Taken directly from the tumblr post: The current Cosmic Dash storyline ends at the end of next month, and I will be taking a two week break. During that time, though, I want to run some …

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Episode 1: Pg 30

This week we learn a bunch of stuff. We learn about Dorian’s brothers, and we get some glimpses into Kracker’s past, including his homeworld of Skyhaven. Also, there is a new lore entry at the tumblr. This one introduces some future plot-points, so you should give it a look. Also, my bestest buddy Poinko just …

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Episode 1: Pg 29

We’re approaching the end of this episode. What have you thought so far? I am trying to launch a charity crossover comic site. Please read about it here. It’s called The Backdoor Poker Society. I’ll be spending most of today watching Daredevil… after I get home from work.

Episode 1: Pg 28

This is the first page inked by Spyke. Turned out great! Be sure to visit his tumblr too! The March wallpaper is available on Patreon, so be sure to join if you haven’t. Postcards will be going out soon as well.