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Episode 1: Pg 31

Hey, the story is rapidly coming to an end, so that means Guest Run 4 is ready to go!


Taken directly from the tumblr post:

The current Cosmic Dash storyline ends at the end of next month, and I will be taking a two week break. During that time, though, I want to run some guest comics, so it’s time for GUEST RUN 4. The current soft deadline is June 5th for the arrival of any comics. I am currently hoping for at least two guest comics to run during this period. The more I receive the more I can run during that period.

There are really only two criteria for the guest run.

  • Comics must be a maximum of 800 pixels wide
  • Keep ‘em PG-13. Violence and some sexuality are acceptable.

If you want to do a guest comic, even if you are not familiar with the comic, give these brief character bios a try. You can also find a ton of reference art here.

My current wishlist includes Vid and his Space Pirate crew, Orthos, Wulg and Snix, Drakar, and of course, really anyone on the primary crew.

Anyway, if you want to contribute a comic, please e-mail me at, with the subject “Guest Run.”

Hope to get some neat submissions!

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