Month: May 2015

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Episode 1: Page 36

Hm What is this? Apparently something is going down on the planet Cosaya. What is this leading to? What is formacyte? Why would you know? That being said, we’re done with Grounded. Did you enjoy it? Tell me all about it. If you really liked it, consider becoming a patron through Patreon. That extra money …

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Episode 1: Pg 35

And with that the episode is over? Well, except for a special epilogue due next week. What did you think? Sound off in the comments! Remember, guest comics and pinups are being sought for a two week break starting on June 5th. Also, drop by my portfolio site, it’s completely revamped and full of cool …

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Episode 1: Pg 34

Two pages before this episode is over. How have you enjoyed it? I’m very happy with where it has gone so far. Oh, and by the way, the Cosmic Dash Volume Zero eBook is available as a free download. Click the image below to download it. Oh, speaking of which, Dash made a brief cameo …

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Episode 1: Pg 32

Writing this after just having seen Age of Ultron, which was a fun movie. But hey, you’re her for Cosmic Dash, and that’s what you’re getting this week. First of all, we’re approaching the end of this episode, so the guest run is definitely happening. Scope the details here if you want to contribute a …

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