Month: October 2015

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Episode 2: Pg 9

Bird meet cat. Y’all should come see me at Comikaze next weekend! I’ll be at table i03 with my winning-ass personality and loads of prints.

Episode 2: Pg 8

Y’all have read the two latest short stories, right? I certainly hope so! Cosmic Dash has been popping up quite a bit on TVTropes, so I gotta say thanks to everyone who has been on the ball about that. My hope is that readers keep updating it.

Episode 2: Pg 7

So we get to it here… Dash Kameku: AGENT OF SCIENCE. Glad to get the ball rolling on this one. We also found out what the cube was.┬áBut that’s not the only big thing ahead. Also, there is a new short story this week! Give it a read, and since we have two active series, …

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Episode 2: Pg 6

I’ll let you know ahead of time that there is a lot of dialogue in this episode, and particularly over the next couple pages. But hey, we get to see what Kimney is up to, that’s pretty cool, right? Speaking of a lot of words, as you can see from the sidebar, and the graphic …

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